Kim Kardashian Puts Best ‘Ass’et on Display With See-Through Skirt

Kim Kardashian, Kanye West, see-through skirt, ass

Just call her Kim Kard”ass”ian.

The curvy reality-show star stepped out to dinner Sunday night with her beau Kanye West in an outfit that looks like he’s once again dressing her. If he’s not, then how do you explain that see-through silver skirt? Kim Kardashian, Kanye West, see-through skirt, ass

Kim, it seems like you’ve forgotten something – like your panties. Yup, her most famous asset was on full-display through her skirt, since she decided to avoid the whole panty line thing by going commando. And it’s a good thing Kanye likes big butts, because there was no photoshopping that action, which was out on display for everyone at the exclusive Prime 112 Restaurant in Miami.

Good thing it’s warm in Miami, because things looked a bit drafty back there.

And she paired it with a plunging black bra-style bikini top, but with her ass on full display, Kanye probably didn’t know where to look first.

Tits…ass…tits…ass…decisions, decisions.

Kim admits she’s put on a bit of weight since she started stepping out with Kanye, and that see-through skirt sure doesn’t leave any doubt in anyone’s mind where the weight is landing.

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