‘Paranormal Activity 5′ Green-lit, Series Nets $576M on $8M Budget

No one can say that the found footage genre is just a fad anymore. With Paranormal Activity 4 putting up good numbers at the box office this weekend—and really, it doesn’t have much to compete with in the realm of cinematic Halloween horror this season—it seems as though the security camera series is green-lit for an additional installment.

But, there’s more to this than meets the eye. According to DEADLINE, the voter…ahem, I mean, the viewer turnout for PA4 has been mostly Latino, which is a fact that has been derived by the amount “Gracias” spoken at the teller’s window.

Honestly, I’d like to know how Paramount, who distributed the flick, figured out that Hispanic audience members were the primary ticket-takers this weekend. Everytime I go see a film, at least here in the northeast, the last person that greets me at the film’s entrance is a 16-year-old who’s just in the midst of their first tax season.

Never before have I seen a “suit” with a clipboard jotting down the ethnicities of the audience members, but, then again, perhaps I’ve been face-down in a few too many popcorn binges to notice.

Nevertheless, PA5 will reportedly aim at the Latino, with part of it being filmed in Spanish. Christopher Landon, son of TV legend Michael Landon, is set to direct the film, and it will boast mostly actors of Hispanic descent—because, you know, they speak that stuff.

One can only wonder what Hollywood won’t do for money. How long until all of their films are in other languages, just because the U.S. dollar isn’t as expensive as it once was? How long until the U.S. actually begins hitting the foreign film circuit…inside of its own borders?