Lindsay Lohan’s New Indie Film ‘The Canyons’: Top 10 Facts You Need to Know

James first entered the adult industry in 2004, but had been interested in making sex his career since kindergarten! The casting of Lindsay Lohan and James Deen brings forth curiosity which has been buzzing since production started earlier this year. The trailer gives off a 70’s style vibe fits right in with the real life seediness of the movie’s background.

2. Oh, and He Has 4,000 Adult Films Under His Belt

"The Canyon" film Stars Lindsay and James Deen
Art School Sluts V. Other infamous credits include Nerdy Girls, Gangbanged 4, There’s something about Sasha Grey, My Little Black Book, Party Girls, Sex Appeals, Cheerleaders Like It Big, and The Divorcee. What can we say, the guy’s a busy worker.

3. Deen was recruited through Twitter from Easton Bret Ellis

Lindsay Lohan starring in "The Canyon" with Porn Star James Deen
My name is james i am a simple guy who likes to eat sleep and watch tv… oh ya i also bang chicks for a living :-)”

4.The Films is About The Dangers of Sexual Obsession

In a statement from TMZ James Deen tells us about the super talented Lindsay

Working with her was awesome. She’s super professional. Super great. She’s a fantastic actress. I feel like I learned a lot from her. Like, in the scenes that we did together, those were my stronger scenes. Working with a really good actress

9.Lindsay Requested That the Camera Crew Strip for the Sex Scene

The Canyons starring Lindsay Lohan and Porn Star James Deen
ABC News

10.”The Canyons” Producer Braxton Pope Said Lindsay was Perfect for The Role

braxton pope

In an interview with MTV News Producer Braxton Pope explains why Lindsay is the perfect bad girl for this role

“What’s kind of lost in a lot of the Lindsay discussions is the fact that Lindsay is a very talented actress,” he said. “She’s very charismatic and she has a lot of acting skills. So her lifestyle and some of the things that she’s gone through have tended to kind of overwhelm the fact, but Lindsay has kind of real talent. So for this part, we felt that she was really the right actor for a host of different reasons.”

The Canyons Lindsay Lohan