LSU ‘Honey Badger’ Tyrann Mathieu Busted for Marijuana

Tyrann Mathiew drugs arrest honey badger

The troubled LSU football player known as the Honey Badger was arrested today on drug charges after he answered the door when cops came knocking.

TMZ says police in Baton Rouge responded this afternoon to a “confrontation” and smelled marijuana when Tyrann Mathiew, aka Honey Badger, opened the door.

Cops crashed in and found 10 bags of kind bud plus a grinder and a scale.

Also bagged were fellow ex-footballers Jordan Jefferson, Derrick Bryant and Karnell Hatcher.

Three were charged with possession, while Bryant — whose backpack contained seven of the 10 bags — was charged with intent to distribute.

Mathieu was a Heisman Trophy finalist and arguably the best defensive player in the country before he got kicked off the team for failed drug tests.

The junior cornerback’s tenacious defense earned him a nickname after the equally tenacious wild animal that stars in the famous YouTube nature spoof:

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