Madonna Strips to ‘Honor’ Girl Shot by the Taliban

Madonna Speach and sing for Malala YousafzaiMadonna – Speach and sing for Malala Yousafzai, on 10/10/2012 "This made me cry," Madonna said to the 18,000 fans in attendance, "The 14-year-old Pakistani girl who was shot on a school bus for writing a blog … who wrote a blog about how important education was to her. The Taliban stopped her bus and…2012-10-13T16:05:03.000Z

Madonna just can’t leave her clothes on, can she?

Since she’s apparently not content with flashing a nipple and calling Barack Obama a “black Muslim,” this past week Madonna dedicated a weird on-stage strip-tease to show her support for a Pakistani girl who the Taliban shot on a school bus for writing a blog about the importance of education.

Yup, that’s right. Fourteen-year-old gets shot by the Taliban somehow equals Madonna stripping to her bra, yet again.

Madonna has been using her MDNA Tour all along to make what she considers to be controversial statements that consist of her somehow managing to flash another part of her sinewy body at the audience.

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And at her Staples Centre performance, she began by telling the audience she wanted to have a “serious talk” about the little girl, Malala Yousafzai.

‘The 14-year-old Pakistani girl who was shot on a schoolbus for writing a blog about how important education was to her. The Taliban stopped her bus and shot her. Do you understand the sickness and absurdity of this?’

That’s all good. Rational people don’t support shooting little girls on school buses. So to drive her point home, Madonna “dedicated” a strip tease to the poor child, who is in critical condition. And after she had her top off, it showed she had Malala’s name written across her back.

Just like she did with Obama.

And once again, for some God-knows-why reason, Madonna’s flashing her T&A all over yet another stage in honor of some cause.

But you know what? Pakistanis don’t like it when celebrities do strip teases in “honor” of their severely injured children. Who would, really? And the Pakistanis are furious at Madonna.

There was a chorus of disapproval from Twitter users, who branded her performance a shameless attempt to garner attention. They’re calling it cheap publicity at the expense of a little injured girl.

Her friend Shazia, speaking to the Christian Science Monitor, said a group of militants riding bikes stopped the bus with the schoolgirls. They boarded the vehicle and pointed guns at the girls, asking for Malala.

“Which one of you is Malala? Speak up, otherwise I will shoot you all. She is propagating against the soldiers of Allah, the Taliban. She must be punished.’

And then recognized the young teen and shot her at point blank range. Somehow, she’s alive, but just barely. And the Taliban is proud of shooting her, saying she was promoting “Western thinking.”

So by all accounts, this brave little girl is a hero. But Madonna hasn’t forgotten that. Everyone will remember her now that they’ve gotten a nice flash of Madonna’s tits.

Kind of makes you wonder what Madge did to honor the victims of 9-11, doesn’t it?

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