Man Arrested After Fighting With Stop Sign

Roswell, New Mexico: Mecca to alien hunters and apparently home of people who like to pick fights with inanimate objects on the street.

Man arrested after fight with stop signA Roswell man is behind bars after putting up a long, hard fight against multiple officers and a stop sign.2012-10-08T23:07:44.000Z

The whole situation began when police responded to a call that a man, Raymond Garcia (a 45-year-old resident of Roswell), was having an altercation with a stop sign last Friday night. Garcia ran from police when they approached him. The police responded to his running away by shooting him with taser darts – twice – from which he broke free. They then pepper sprayed him and went at him with a baton, which he then got from the police and threw at them before trying to make his escape once again.

Police say they suspect Garcia was on drugs, though none were found on him at the time of his arrest. As for the justification of the excessive force used against a guy simply fleeing from his argument with a sign no statements have been made at this time, however Garcia now faces charges of assaulting the police officers due to his throwing the baton back at one of them.

The good news? The stop sign seems to have made it out of the scuffle in one piece.

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