Man Bangs Married Chick While Driving, Kills Her & A Mom in Head-on Crash

mark anders chalin

Life went from heaven to hell in the blink of an eye for Mark Anders Chalin.

The Minnesota man was driving a car while having sex with a hot, married 23-year-old — sounds good so far — then crashed head-on with another vehicle, killing the hottie as well as a mother of four who was piloting the other vehicle.

Jonna Martin leaves four small children.

The horror show happened in Summer 2011, but this week the 24-year-old man pleaded guilty to vehicular homicide.

Killed were Amber Menezes, 23, and Jonna Martin, 35.

Witnesses in other cars told cops that Chalin probably had trouble seeing the road because Menezes was straddling him, reports Mankato Free Press.

Amber Menezes

Amber Menezes was married to another man.

As the coital couple flew down Blue Earth County Road 90, innocent Martin came up in the other direction. Chalin’s car crossed into the wrong lane. Martin slammed on the brakes and swerved but couldn’t avoid the crash.

Chalin says he doesn’t remember anything else. He woke up in the hospital with 26 broken bones and stayed there for 45 days.

Martin leaves four young children and a fiance named Roger. Menezes leaves a husband named Chris.

Prosecutors are seeking a 48-month sentence. Menezes’ mom is outraged, pointing to Chalin’s history of idiotic behavior: past charges for alcohol, harassment and trespassing. Basically, she says he’s a no-good piece of sh*t who killed two good women. And their lives are worth 48 months?:

I’m very sad. There’s four children of a dead woman who will never have Christmas or Thanksgiving again with her. Their mother won’t be at their graduation. I will never have grandchildren from my daughter. She was somebody who did something with her life. He is a repeat offender. He has taken no responsibility. How can you be sorry for something if you don’t think you did anything wrong? That’s my question.

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