Vet Sues for $10M after Hospital Gives His Penis Frostbite & Cuts it Off

So it would appear that Lorena Bobbit is now working in a hospital in Lexington, Kentucky, as Michael D. Nash has now lost his manhood thanks to the carefree attitude nurse. Mr. Nash is claiming that a nurse, who was in charge of taking care of him following his penile and circumcision surgery, left a soothing ice-pack on his crotch for about 19 hours.

Nash, a U.S. Army veteran, is looking for $10 million from the U.S. government for the error. The result of the cold front was a penis amputation — yes, seriously.

The lawsuit was just filed with the federal government, but the incident took place in October 2010. Mr Nash was under painkiller treatment at the time and didn’t realize that his junk was getting frosty.

Common practice would be to remove the pack after four hours. As time wore on Nash’s manhood developed frostbite and gangrene, and eventually five inches of his penis had to get “Bobbit-ed”.

Nash’s lawyer, Lawrence Jones, described his client’s injury in gruesome detail, via the AP:

“If you can envision, on Day 1, you’re looking at something red and irritated and burning, and over the course of the day, it goes to something that turns to a purplish colour that then turns to fully black,” leaving “this dark black rotting piece of the most important part of the body.”

Dr. Tobias Steen Kohler, a pee-pee doctor from Southern Illinois University School of Medicine, said “I’m guessing there’s more to this case than meets the eye. The penis has a pretty healthy blood supply, so it would be pretty tough to cause that kind of injury. Penile gangrene and amputation is exceedingly rare and typically occurs in the context of infection of severe diabetes.”

Jones, presumably whilst struggling to keep a straight face, said “This is the clearest case of medical negligence that I’ve seen in my career. Tthe surgery was] not for sexual purposes. He’s been of robbed of his manhood. He can’t even urinate correctly. There’s obviously a sexual component as well. He’s a single man with a girlfriend. He is unable to engage in sexual intercourse.”

Jones confirmed that his client is in fact a diabetic and that Nash will have penis reconstruction surgery, and as this guy proves, there is still hope.

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