Mike Tyson Banned from New Zealand

MSN News reports that former heavyweight champion (along with convicted rapist and infamous ear muncher) Mike Tyson has been banned from New Zealand, with a potential ban from Australia in the future as well.

The ban is a result of New Zealand’s visa laws stating that no convicted rapist is permitted to come into their borders. Originally this rule was overlooked as Tyson was schedule for a circuit of speeches to benefit a local charity known as the Life Education Trust, however now that the charity has backed out of the scheduled events New Zealand is once again upholding its laws and denying Tyson entry. Australia, with similar laws to New Zealand, may also decide to ban Tyson from entry as well.

Tyson’s promoters are fighting to allow for his entry due to the positive benefits they fell he will bring to the country, however given the legal constraints of the matter and the potential legal statutes allowing him in might create chances are slim that he will ever be able to get into the country (even for a short promotional speech).

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