Mila Kunis Trashes Republicans While Confessing Support for Obama

Esquire’s Sexiest Woman Alive makes no exceptions when ridiculing the GOP.

Mila Kunis bashes gop

“The way republicans attack women is so offensive to me.” “And the way they talk about religion is offensive. I may not be a practicing Jew, but why we gotta talk about Jesus all the time? And it’s baffling to me how a poor person in Georgia can say ‘I’m a Republican,’ Why?”

Mila Kunis Talks About Her Love for Obama and Slams the Tea Party

Mila Kunis loves President Barack Obama and there’s nothing bad that she’ll ever say about him. Kunis also goes on to express her dismay for republicans and their views about women. According to NewsBusters, Kunis deeply loves Obama and slams republicans as anti-women and pro-Jesus. People who identify themselves as republicans are ill-informed.”

In an interview with ThinkProgess, Kunis conveys that she doesn’t think she is a celebrity. She is a working actress and there’s a difference.

Mila Kunis identifies herself as a working actress rather than a celebrity. Kunis is proud to say that she voted for Barack Obama and that if he doesn’t win, she knows that he’s tried to comprise with the Republican Party and the Tea Party. America is in a temperamental state, that decision was made and people are going to have to pay for a long time. There’s no revenue that is going to come in from these compromises. We are no longer going to be the leading power and if China takes all of their money away from the states, we are done. I know Obama tried because I keep reading these reports of him trying to compromise with the Tea Party and Republican Party, trying to come up with a 50-50 agreement. I don’t think there was one.


When’s the last time a 30-something no-name actress from a cereal commercial was voted “Sexiest Woman Alive” huh, Mila?

Celebrity aside, Kunis remains frustrated with the majority of young Americans who don’t take advantage of the plethora of information out there. Many argue that the economy is declining under President Obama, but despite this, Kunis remains proud of her vote. According to Kunis, people are not reading books or newspapers and don’t even watch the news, but will subscribe to a party without understanding why they’re voting for the party they choose.

If you asked Kunis what party she’s voting for, she’d have no problem telling you that she’s voting for Obama and why.

These people haven’t a clue as to what the Republican Party stands for. This is a problem….It’s crazy to me how many people don’t educate themselves about the world considering so many of them have children who are going to suffer because of it.

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