Mitt Romney is Totally Killing it with the White Vote

mitt romney white vote

Mitt Romney is pretty darn good at being white. And apparently it’s paying off.

The Washington Post notes that despite the Republican challenger’s dismal polling among Latino voters — down to Obama 40-50 points — the governor is surging among whites.

He may boast 60 percent of the white vote in next month’s election, a caucasian dominance not seen since Ronald Reagan in 1984. It all adds up to a potential victory, writes the Post’s Aaron Blake:

Given how small the Latino vote remains, the difference between losing it by 36 points — as John McCain did in 2008 — and losing it by 45 points — a worst-case scenario for Romney — amounts to about a 1 percent overall shift in the national race.
Meanwhile, if Romney won the white vote by 22 percent — a 10-point improvement over McCain — that would gain him 7 percent of the national vote over McCain and essentially even out the national popular vote.

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