OB-GYN Rips Off Baby’s Head & Stuffs it Back into Mom, Claims Lawsuit

baby decapitated arteisha betts and travis ammonette

Arteisha Betts and Travis Ammonette of Florissant, Missouri.

An obstetrician ripped off a newborn’s head during a botched delivery then stuffed it back in the birth canal and performed a C-section to cover up the mistake, according to distraught parents who have filed a lawsuit.

Arteisha Betts and Travis Ammonette of Missouri claim that doctors talked them into an ill-advised vaginal birth and proceeded to botch it in the most horrific fashion imaginable.

baby decapitated during birth

Dr. Webb.

The Daily News reports that the couple is claiming they were told by Dr. Susan Moore that their baby’s abdomen was abnormally large, necessitating a birth by C-section.

However, they claim, when Betts went into labor on March 22, 2011, at 28 weeks gestation, Dr. Gilbert Webb of St. John’s Mercy Medical Center insisted on a vaginal delivery.

Then things got gruesome. During the birth the baby’s body got stuck in the birth canal, and when Webb tried to pull him out, he allegedly “separated (his) head from his cervical spine,” according to the couple’s complaint.

As blood spurted out, Webb allegedly shoved the baby’s head and body back into the mother and performed an emergency C-section even before anesthesia took hold.

doctor decapitates baby

Betts posted this photo on her Facebook page, featuring an apparent tattoo of her dead baby’s handprints.

Courthouse News Service cites gory details from the complaint:

When defendant Webb separated decedent Kaden Travis Ammonette’s head from his cervical spine, blood from the arteries and veins in decedent’s neck shot out, splattered and/or spilled out into the labor and delivery room in plain view of and in close proximity to plaintiffs Arteisha Betts and Travis Ammonette. At the time that defendant Webb separated decedent Kaden Travis Ammonette’s head from his cervical spine, plaintiff Travis Ammonette was approximately 2 to 4 feet from his son’s head. … While personnel emergently moved plaintiff Arteisha Betts to an operating room while still on her labor and delivery bed, and before plaintiff Arteisha Betts was administered any anesthetic or anesthesia, defendant Webb began making the cesarean section incision into plaintiff Arteisha Betts’ abdomen, causing plaintiff Arteisha Betts significant physical pain and suffering. … During the course of the cesarean section, defendant Webb surgically and completely removed decedent Kaden Travis Ammonette’s head from his neck and torso.

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