OJ Simpson Trying to Sell His Murder Weapon for $5 Million: Source

OJ Simpson

Police were never able to find the knife OJ used in the 1994 double murder, but he has apparently kept the weapon hidden all these years and plans to sell it to a wealthy memorabilia collector for $5 million, according to a National Enquirer source.

Almost 20 years after the murder his wife Nicole Brown and friend Ronald Goldman, police have only speculated that the murder weapon was a German stiletto with a bronze heel and a blade that measured more than six inches long. The knife was thought to be thrown away by OJ at LAX before he got on a plane or in a Chicago park. OJ will not tell the memorabilia collector where it is hidden until the money goes through, the Enquirer source says.

What kind of sick and twisted person collects murder weapons? Lots of people, actually. It’s called “murderobilia” and there are lots of websites on the net that auction off the collectibles. It’s a shame to think that murderers are actually making money at the expense of their victim’s poor souls.

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