One Tough Tablet: Microsoft Surface Used as Skateboard

Looking to make one durable tablet PC, Mashable reports that the new head of Microsoft, Steven Sinofsky, put his money where his mouth is and turned the newly developed PC into a skateboard (and tweeted pics of himself riding it!)

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Designed using titanium and vapor magnesium with Gorilla Glass 2.0 for the touchscreen the Surface is definitely a tablet to be reckoned with when it comes down to pure durability. If you’re looking at getting one you might want to think twice about making it your favored form of four-wheeled transportation, however.

Still, the big question remains, can the Surface take tablet market share away from the current giants of Apple and Google with their own long-established products? Set to follow the Windows 8 launch on October 23 the final hour is quickly approaching to see just how well the Surface fares in the market.

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