Paris Hilton’s Girl-On-Girl Session Sends Her Boyfriend to the Slammer

Paris Hilton, River Viiperi, Arrest, Lesbian.

After getting crazy at a Justin Bieber show in Las Vegas last night, Paris Hilton tried to unwind by making out with another girl at a Sin City night club. Her boyfriend, model, River Viiperi flew into a rage and was arrested for battery.

Apparently a male clubber told Las Vegas Police that his girlfriend was getting hot and heavy with the hotel heiress, and River, wasn’t happy about it. The victim, now believed to be the boyfriend of Paris’ make-out partner, took a few hits but there were no serious injuries. Arresting officer Laura Meltzer confirmed the charges of battery against River.

And to think, the evening started off so pleasant for the young lovers both Tweeted about their bliss at being at a Justin Bieber show in Vegas.


It all changed though when the party went back to the XS Nightclub at the Encore Hotel in Sin City. Paris, seemingly bored of her thus far heterosexual evening, found a willing female participant in a make-out session.

River, the only man in the world who wouldn’t enjoy seeing this, lost his cool and attacked another clubber. Viiperi was arrested for misdemeanor battery, cited and released.

No word yet on how this lesbian and battery melee will affect the relationship. Viiperi, who has modelled for Calvin Klein, H&M, Armani and probably many more douchey labels, has been dating Hilton since early September. They were first seen together at runway shows during NYC fashion week.

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