FUNNY VIDEO: Awkward Guy Tries Taylor Swift Lyrics to Pick Up Chicks

Taylor Swift pick up linesstalk me: Twitter: ‪‬ Instagram: Facebook: ‪ I want a girlfriend like Taylor Swift, so I decided to see if Taylor Swift's lyrics could be used as pick up lines. Awkwardness ensues… Special thanks to my buds Matt Scott and Zack Carlson for filming the hidden cams! All music by me.2012-10-15T18:46:50.000Z

Having a hard time picking up girls?

Well, so is Tommy Wooldridge, so he decided to try a new approach – using a Taylor Swift lyric on the unsuspecting cuties. Guess what? Taylor Swift lyrics don’t work very well either.

Of course, since all her songs are about breaking up with people, it’s probably not a good idea to use her lines to meet chicks, anyway. But if you’re all out of ideas, why not try a line like “I see sparks fly whenever you smile” on the next cutie you see?

We do have to admit, Tommy ended up getting some names and phone numbers from the girls – but of course, they’re on permission slips to use them in the video. And one girl, shown above, does say “It might have worked if I didn’t already have a boyfriend.”

So you never know!

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