President Obama Being Sued by Chinese Wind Farm

In an interesting turn of events the BBC reports that a Chinese wind farm company looking to develop wind farms off the coast of Oregon has filed suit against President Obama for blocking their intended developments.

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Denied on grounds of national security concerns due to their close proximity to a restricted naval airbase, the company claims President Obama not only denied the right to build but demanded the removal of any and all developments that had already been done on the intended wind farm locations. This is the first foreign investment to be blocked in the U.S. in 22 years.

The owners of the development company looking to construct the wind farms filed a lawsuit against Obama following the injunction saying they were being unfairly discriminated against and that there is no evidence that they would be a threat to U.S. national security (as stated by Obama) by constructing the wind farms in the designated areas.

The naval airbase itself is home to testing a number of high-tech devices for the U.S. military, including low-flying aircraft and electronics devices. Similar wind farm projects have been blocked before in other states due to their potential danger to aircraft, however this is the first foreign investment to be blocked since 1990.

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