‘Pro-Life’ Protester Stabs Man in Oregon

Grants Pass, Oregon – CBS News reports that a pro-life protester that has stood outside of a Planned Parenthood health clinic stabbed a man multiple times on Tuesday.

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A word of caution – the above video has some strong language and is a recording of a separate attack case that happened a few years ago.

The man, who is unnamed, was promptly arrested by local police still covered in blood after stabbing another man multiple times in the abdomen and once in the neck with a knife.

Though details are a bit sketchy at this time the man has apparently stood outside of the health clinic for months shouting at both patients and workers there. One woman that was yelled at reportedly confronted the man, the returned later with another man who apparently attacked the protester. The assailant is the man who was stabbed.

Police are not releasing too many details at this time, however many people feel that this has been “an accident waiting to happen”, with others feeling it was a clear act of self defense.

This has not been the only case of pro-life activists being attacked by those looking to fight back against them, however this is the first major case where one activist seriously wounded another man in the process.

With tensions running high today it is difficult to say what may happen in the weeks or months to come, regardless one small bit of irony here is the Oregon clinic where this took place doesn’t even offer abortion services the pro-life protester was raging about for months – it’s merely an information and health care clinic.

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