Pundit: Donald Trump has Michelle & Barack Obama Divorce Papers

donald trump bombshell

Remember the big bombshell announcement from Donald Trump that will rock the political world to its core and sway the course of the election? He promised it was coming in a tweet last week:

Well, yesterday finance pundit Doug Kass dished his own tweet supposedly revealing the big reveal:

donald trump bombshell obama

Yep, the First Couple were allegedly on the rocks, at some point, and now it’s a big deal. Trump supposedly has documents to back the claim and will make the announcement today on Twitter, says the pundit. (Trump also it the most famous Birther in the world — those people who believe the president was not born in the United States.)

But Trump tweeted today that all predictions regarding his announcement are wrong — apparently debunking the finance guru’s info.

So what will it be? Give us your best prediction in the comments.

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