River Viiperi: Top 10 Facts You Need to Know

He’s not exactly on everybody’s radar just yet, but male model River Viiperi might be about to become a star after his Las Vegas brawl last night. The new arm candy of Paris Hilton, River reacted badly to his socialite girlfriend’s lesbian make-out session last night, getting himself arrested for battery. So besides his being a hothead, what else do you need to know about River?

1. River Was Born in Europe’s Premier Party Island, Ibiza

Ibiza Uncovered Season 1 Episode 1The Infamous Sky Programme Ibiza Uncovered in Full2012-02-27T15:49:14.000Z

It’s the island that gave us this seminal ’90s reality show about a bunch of English people going to Spain to party, fight and take their clothes off on national television. Ibiza Uncovered shows the island in its greatest light.

Hard to believe anybody could actually grow up on this island — I’m sure it wasn’t exactly a normal upbringing on an island the rest of Europe treats as a floating night club.

2. River Likes to Take His Phone Swimming

Well we’ve all been there at some point, gotten a damp phone. But don’t worry…


Ready to rage? Well at least he’s a man of his word.

3. River Really likes Sports

According to his Facebook page, River lists soccer, martial arts, baseball and swimming as his interests. I suppose being a male model one has to keep active and “mooving.”

4. River Has Nine, Yes, NINE, Cats

Guaopo – River Viiperi by Pieter Henket.flv2010-10-16T13:36:20.000Z

If you can get past the bits of the interview where River looks like a Bond villain, stroking a cat with a weird coat and even weirder hairdo, he does mention that he has nine cats.

His love of felines could possibly come from his mother, pictured below:

It’s also worth mentioning that his English is superb, which must make things awkward between him and Paris as she continues to struggle with the language.

5. River’s Planning a Move into Acting

According to the official bio on his website “…plans to pursue a career in acting on the horizon”, and goes on to compare his likeness “…to such superstar talents as Leonardo Di Caprio.” So perhaps he’s not really a hot-headed douche and his brawl last night was just research for a role? Nah probably not.

If they ever decide to do a Zoolander reboot, River would have to be considered for the lead. But it might be TOO real.

6. River’s Mom Was An 80s Model

Okay, the pic at No. 4 isn’t really his mother, well done to those of you that noticed, that’s her above.

His mother, Riitta Viiperi, was a model herself back in the good old 80s, and it was her who introduced River to the world of walking in a straight line and turning around.

7. River Was Only Born in 1991!! 


This puts him a full ten years younger than Paris Hilton. It’s another of these wonderful “Ahhhh, this celebrity is younger than me, what am I doing with my life?” crazes that’s sweeping the nation.

And seeing as it’s illegal to post anything online about Paris Hilton without mentioning, “One Night in Paris”, little River would have been just 13 when the tape first appeared in November 2003. Ewwwww.

8.  River likes to Party

It’s probably what he and Paris first struck up a conversation about. But a Google image search for the River-man shows up numerous pics of him painting the town with his buddies or with Paris. Growing up on Ibiza, partying is a way of life.

In one of his blogs he talks about how he “thought his friend how to drink”…

Speaking of his blog…

9. River is a Regular Blogger

And not just in word form, he’s also done some Ustream blogs too, whilst he’s self-admittedly hungover and drinking a beer. But the blog is described as “…Never Back Down in which he dispels common myths about the world of the male model and describes his experiences living with his roommates in their models’ flat.”

And trust me, it’s just as fascinating as it sounds.

10.  River Met Perez, Before he Met Paris

Before hooking up with Paris, River was hanging backstage at NYC fashion week with Perez Hilton. You have to wonder how this relationship will affect how the gossip blogger will cover River’s hotheaded douche behavior.


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