Rod Stewart Talks Sailor-Semen Stomach Pump with Katie Couric

Rod Stewart Nervous About Katie's QuestionsWe catch up with Rod Stewart before the show and he makes a shocking admission. He says he's nervous about Katie's questions. Good Luck, Rod!2012-10-23T19:43:33.000Z

Rod Stewart went on Katie Couric’s new show Katie and discussed a persistent urban legend that has him giving blowjobs to so many sailors that he had to get his stomach pumped.

So is it true?

Sadly, no. “I’m as heterosexual as they come,” he told her.

The Wrap notes that he also brings up the sailor-splooge-gulping allegations in his autobiography.

Setting the record straight, so to speak, he says the story arose from a scorned publicist. Rod had the publicist sharing a room with Rod’s 7-year-old son, and when the publicist brought a dude home for the night, Rod found out and fired him.

The publicist struck back by leaking the tall tale about Rod’s belly full of semen, according to Rod the Bod:

I have never orally pleasured even a solitary sailor, let alone a ship’s worth in one evening. And I have never had my stomach pumped, either of naval-issue semen or of any other kind of semen.

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