Rolling Stones Play Up Close Show for $20 in Paris

It pays to follow famous people on Twitter — just ask the lucky people who scored Rolling Stones tickets for about $20 each to watch the classic rockers play a warm-up gig in Paris.

The Stones tweeted Thursday they’d be selling tickets for 15 euros, or $19.45 each, just hours in advance before they took the stage at La Trabendo, a 700-person venue. And the lucky fans said the small venue was the perfect place to watch Mick Jagger and the band, who are all getting older, but they haven’t slowed down a bit. And really, look at the video. Does Mick look 69 years old?

We were right next to them, we could see them perfectly It was a very small room and they were running all over the stage…they seemed really happy.

According to Reuters, they even got an extra treat – Jagger hung around after the show and signed autographs.

The surprise show was a warmup for the Stones’ 50th anniversary tour. Earlier this month, they announced they’d play four concerts at large arenas, two each in New York and London.
Those tickets will cost a lot more than $20, though. They start at $150 and up, and they’re not going to be easy to get. But they may do another warmup show in Paris. Rumors say they’re going to play for bankers invited by Paris investment house Carmignac Gestion at a theater in Paris on Monday. Carmignac has a lot of pull, because in recent years they’ve recruited Lou Reed and Rod Stewart to play private shows.

But on Thursday, the band banned mobile phones, cameras and recording equipment, and some fans drove all the way from Germany to get their tickets.