Offers Hulk Hogan Open Checkbook for Sex Tape

Hulk Hogan Offer

Hulk Hogan’s sordid sex tape saga continues. Now, has reached out to the Hulkster offering to pad his wallet and his ego quite handsomely.

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In a letter sent to Hulk by’s Director of Media Martin Ellison, the site claims to have an “open checkbook” when it comes to working with Mr. Hogan and says they’re “very interested in putting together a compensation package that would make [his] ‘Rent A Center’ deal look like pocket change.”

So they clearly are appealing to his wallet, but hey, they’re, how about a little romance first. Get him in the mood. Seduce him a little.

Well, they’re prepared to do that too. The letter tells Hulk, “After viewing the clip posted, we don’t feel you have anything you need to be embarrassed about, you are ‘bigger’ than Andre the Giant where it matters and we aren’t just talking about your fan base ‘brother’!”

This is truly the high point of Hulk Hogan glorious and dignified career.

(Source: TMZ)

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