SNL Rips Up Contentious Presidential Debate

After a contentious presidential debate that left us all with the famous “women in binders” line, it was inevitable that Saturday Night Live would have a lot of fun ripping up the debate – and it didn’t fail.

Last night, SNL tore into the debate in a sketch showing President Barack Obama and Mitt Romney almost coming to blows. And let’s admit it, as you watched them circling each other on that stage, didn’t you think they’d throw some punches – or didn’t you at least want them to? Even just a little bit.

Well, SNL’s skit started the mock fighting from a 38-year-old jobless man who still lives with mom and dad, but the real highlight was a cameo by Tom Hanks, who acted as the “undecided voter” who wants to know about Libya.

SNL isn’t funny all the time anymore, but when it comes to politics, SNL is always sharply hysterical, and last night’s skit is no exception. Enjoy, and then put it in your binder and come back and watch it again.

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