Stress SMASH! Texas Anger Room Provides Outlet for Violence

Everyone has a moment sometime where they just want to smash something. For those times a Texas business woman has developed one creative solution: The Anger Room

Designed by Texas native Donna Alexander as a way to “let off some steam” after growing up surrounded by violence, people can pay anywhere from $25 to $75 to let off some steam in the room by donning some protective gear and going crazy (after signing a waiver, of course, should they get hurt in the process). TVs, computers, furniture — you name it, it’s there to be smashed.

The room has proven to be very therapeutic for many people, allowing them an outlet for their anger when they just get too frustrated and can’t hold it in anymore. Some experts, though, believe it could potentially have a “snowball” effect where people with anger management issues may simply become more aggravated after leaving the room when they can no longer destroy objects but the problem causing their anger still remains.

Nevertheless, The Anger Room has become a successful business, with Ms. Alexander looking at expanding it in the future. Who knows? Maybe you’ll have your own anger room in your neighborhood soon. If not, there’s always boxing or pillows to punch.

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