Stripper Ruptures Groom’s Bladder at Bachelor Party Gone Wrong

The Penthouse Club in Port Richmond, Pa.

Patrick Gallagher, the groom at a strip club bachelor party got a little too much bang for his buck when a stripper plummeted from a dance pole, falling on the man and rupturing his bladder. Ouch.

Gallagher was celebrating his last night as a free man at The Penthouse Club in Port Richmond, Pa and was pulled up on stage for some one-on-one action when tragedy struck. The stripper instructed the husband-to-be to lie flat on his back beneath the pole and to enjoy the show. The stripper then landed on Gallagher’s stomach with such a force that he and his friends left shortly after from the intense pain he was in. The next morning the pain was so intense he was rushed to the hospital and found out that he needed surgery to fix the damage.

Gallagher is suing the strip club for $50,000 for medical costs, pain and humiliation. Meanwhile, his wife must be overjoyed that her husband’s last night with another woman was so traumatic, he’d never think of looking at another woman’s naked body every again.

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