Teens Create Fake Facebook Account To Catch Pervin School Official

Two teens in the Bronx did their best Chris Hanson impression in order to deal with a creepy worker at their school.

Kevin Eckstein, a 38-year-old father of two and computer tech at The Cinema School in the Bronx, was creeping out two 16 year old girls who had been taking summer classes there. Rather than withstand the Eckstein’s creepy aura, the girls formulated a plan to catch Eckstein in the act of being creepy. They then went all “To Catch a Predator” on Eckstein’s pervy ass.

The girls made a fake Facebook account under the name ‘Sarah Archer’ who claimed to be a 16 year girl old from the area. Eckstein took the bait and began to engage Archer in conversation despite his knowledge that she was only 16. Want a creepy excerpt from the convo? When Sarah Archer claimed to be model, Pervy Kevin claimed to be into photography. ew.

Investigators claim that Eckstein asked Sarah Archer out on several dinner dates and even invited her to visit him on several occasions.

in August, Eckstein was approached by the school and asked to leave his position. He left and is now no longer affiliated with the school.

Eckstein claims to have been the target of internet bullying.

“Two kids out of the whole school who didn’t like me attempted to talk to me on Facebook and it created a buzz within the school and it led to an investigation.” he said “It ended and I left the school.”

The two teenage girls do feel some remorse over getting Eckstein fired despite his pervy ways.

“It started out as a little joke. People used to say things about him and I wanted to see if it was true,” said one of the pranksters. “I never intended for him to get fired.”

As much as it might have been a prank with unforeseen consequences, Eckstein was an inappropriate worker at the school and it is better that he does not work there anymore. Another former student of The Cinema School claimed that she too had been contacted by Eckstein and asked out several times despite her young age.

Eckstein will be taking over as Defensive Coordinator for the Penn State Nittany Lions this fall.

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