Terrifying Dwarf Vampire Dinosaur Was a Vegan

Imagine if you were walking in the woods and suddenly were attacked by a creature that was the size of a cat, covered in porcupine bristles and had two huge teeth made just for stabbing you. Well, that would be a legit concern if you lived between 100 and 200 million years ago when the world was covered in something called “Dwarf Vampire Dinosaurs.”

I think we can all agree that the “Dwarf Vampire” dinosaur, or as scientists have dubbed it Pegomastax Africanus, is one of the scariest effing things to ever walk this earth (aside from current Amanda Bynes… HIYO!!!). Well, it seems that this dinosaur has got more BARK than bite.

In a recent article published by University of Chicago professor, Paul Sereno, it appears that The Dwarf Vampire Dinosaur did not eat meat.

What makes the DVD interesting (aside from the fact it looks like something Wes Craven would own) is that his sharp teeth contradict the fact that he is a Herbivore. In his paper, Sereno argues that the sharp teeth were used to shred leaves to make them easier for digestion.

Regardless of whether the Pegonmastax Africanus turns out to be a Herbivore or not, it is safe to assume that if Sonic ever had a baby with Snookie it would look something like that.

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