VIDEO: Pro Wrestler Shawn Daiviri Choke Holds Man on Train

Ex-WWE Star Shawn Daivari Chokes Out Man in Train Rescue (official footage)Here it is … the incredible video of former WWE star Shawn Daivari literally choking the piss out of an unruly train passenger who allegedly threatened to kill a guy on board…. AND IT'S AWESOME!!2012-10-18T17:29:02.000Z

Want to act like an idiot on a train? Might want to make sure that big guy sitting there in one of the seats isn’t a former WWE and TNA wrestler.

The wrestler, Shawn Daivari, was on a train on his way to the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport when he ended up choking a belligerent drunk and throwing him from the train after the man threatened to kill another passenger, the Los Angeles Times reports. Police said the man, Levin Blair, started swearing at a passenger and when someone else asked him to sit down and be quiet, he threatened him.

“That’s when he got in the passenger’s face, saying, ‘I am going to kill you,’ and stuff like that,” Daivari said.

So Daivari got up from his seat, took his jacket and glasses and put Blair into a rear naked choke hold. At the next stop, Daivari and another man threw Blair off the train and Daivari delivered some good kicks to keep him down. Police arrived at the platform to find Blair still sitting, all dazed. They let him go when they thought he was the victim of an assault. None of the passengers were interested in pressing charges, so Blair wasn’t arrested.

Daivari is an Iranian-American who is currently performing on the American independent circuit as Shawn Daivari. He is best known for his work with World Wrestling Entertainment as simply Daivari and with Total Nonstop Action Wrestling as Sheik Abdul Bashir.