WARNING GRAPHIC VIDEO: Horrifying Zombie Attack on Chinese Subway

Break out the machetes and malotov cocktails, the zombie apocalypse is on its way.

Cina Attacco zombie in metro | Zombie Attack in China . Guangzhou Ottobre | October 2012Cina. Attacco Zombie in Metro Guangzhou Litigano per un posto in metro e scatta l'attacco zombie | China. Zombie attack in Guangzhou Metro They fight for a place in meters and take the attacking zombies2012-10-08T09:48:50.000Z

A teenager in the Chinese city of Guangzhou was attacked by a 70-year-old man in a zombie-like rage after pushing past him on a train. The graphic video shows the two rolling around on the seat before falling to the ground as the teen attempts to fight off his attacker.

There were a number of empty seats on the train but the blood-thirsty psycho went after the teen and a fight broke out, before the man began biting at the teen’s flesh.

Aside from the horrifying attack, the most disturbing part of this story – the people on the train do absolutely nothing. They just cower in a corner like mice and watch the heinous crime take place. Get with it, China!

Upon stopping at the next station, police boarded and apprehended both men. The teenager is reported to have refused treatment for his bite wounds at the hospital. No word yet if he’s now become one of the “infected.”

Via Daily Mail

zombie attack

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