WTF! Doctors Find 4-Pound Hairball in Girl’s Stomach

girl, four-pound hairball

A 19-year-old Indian girl is eating and drinking much better now that she’s harfed up a 1.8-kilogram hairball.

girl, four-pound hairballWell, she didn’t harf it up herself. Doctors removed it. And if you’re converting kilograms, 1.8 equals just under 4 POUNDS. Yup, a 4-pound hairball is about enough to f**k up anyone’s day.

She wasn’t able to eat and drink for a couple days, so her parents took her to doctors, who operated and found the massive hairball, wrapped around a chalk-like substance inside her stomach. The operation succeeded and the doctors were able to remove the disgusting discovery.

So how did she end up with a giant hairball? Dr. Amit Agarwal, one of the surgeons, said she ate her hair and chalk at school. And if there’s ever a reason to keep school lunch programs, that’s it.

Blech! WTF?!