Zumba Whorehouse Scandal Fallout: High School Hockey Coach Quits

Donald Hill Resigned his position as head coach of the school's hockey team

A high school hockey coach has resigned his 19-year post amid allegations he solicited sex in Maine’s Zumba Whorehouse Scandal.

Kennebunk High School’s Don Hill quit after his name appeared on The List of men suspected of enjoying Alexis Wright‘s services at her Zumba Dance Studio-fronted brothel.

According to the York County Coast Star, Hill’s age (52) and address (139 Union Avenue, Old Orchard Beach) match those of the Donald Hill named on The List.

Hill has not made any comments to the media at this time. The coach had been with the school since 1993 and was appointed head coach in 1998.

The principal of Kennebunk High School, Sue Cressey, has not made any comment on the story. Schools Superintendent Andrew Dolloff told local media that Hill “did not request reappointment,” though he did not confirm that he is the Donald Hill who appears on The List.

One tweeter was keen to point out that there are two Donald Hills in Kennebunk.


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