Zumba Whorehouse Johns Outed: Maine Police Release First 21 Names

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UPDATE: Former South Portland Mayor Among Alleged Johns on List

Following Friday’s breaking news that the names of the “johns” associated with the Zumba-dance-studio-fronted alleged whorehouse in Kennebunk, Maine, were being held on appeal, the appeal was rejected Monday and a first batch of names has been published. They are as follows:

Gary Bahlkow

Jens Bergen

Norman Crepeau

Joseph Cuetara

Kenneth Fairbanks

Donald Hill

Monie Hobbs

David Kline

Robert Labonte

Dale Madore

Paul Main

Harry McMann

Kevin Pagliccia

Claude Palmer

Philip Parker

Colin Powers

Clinton Ray,

James Soule

John Verreault

James White

Peter Wormell Sr.

These are the men who have been charged with soliciting the services at Alexis Wright’s (photo above) alleged brothel, a Zumba dance studio on High Street in Kennebunk, and they have been summonsed. The rest of the names will not be released until their summonses have been processed, something that police say could take a few months.

Here is the judge’s rejection of the appeal to keep the names secret:

Police in Maine say that Wright’s partner Mark Strong Sr., 57, of Thomaston, researched clients and aided Wright in setting up recording equipment in the rooms so as to record sexual encounters. Strong’s day job was a private investigator. Both have pleaded not guilty to the more than 160 counts of prostitution and criminal invasion of privacy.

The attorney for the alleged “johns,” Stephen Schwartz, failed with three attempts to get the client list withheld from public view. Schwartz has stated that in revealing their identities, the result would be “severe and completely irreparable harm” to families and professional lives.

The judge did agree to Schwartz’s request that the “johns” addresses not be released.

UPDATE: Former South Portland Mayor Among Alleged Johns on List

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