Zumba Whorehouse Defendant: Cops Nailed Me for Probing PD Sex Scandal

Mark Strong alexis wright kennebunk police

Mark Strong is squaring off with the Kennebunk Police.

The co-accused in the Zumba Whorehouse Scandal in Kennebunk, Maine, has released a statement claiming cops are retaliating against him for his private investigation into the PD’s own sex scandal and a fatal police shooting.

Mark W. Strong Sr. previously worked as a private investigator and says he probed the Kennebunk PD at the behest of alleged Zumba Whorehouse madam Alexis Wright. He said he uncovered an internal police romance and also looked into a local police shooting from 2011 that left a woman dead and led to no charges against the officers involved. He claims the cop now leading the charge against him is the same woman involved in the alleged romance:

It is my belief that the Kennebunk Police department, with Officer [Audra] Presby heading up the investigation, publicly charged me with one count of promotion of prostitution and arrested only me on July 10, 2012, and confiscated computers in my house and place of business as retaliation against me for my investigation of their department.

The Kennebunk police struck back with a strongly worded response that debunks Strong’s assertion that he “disclosed” police misconduct:

The fatal shooting he references was fully reported in the press at the time, and a subsequent in-depth investigation by the Maine Attorney General’s office–as is customary under Maine law–exonerated the police officer completely. For Mr. Strong now to say that he “discovered” this incident is not only false, but an inappropriate exploitation of an incident that remains tragic for all involved. It has absolutely nothing to do with the dance studio investigation and illegal activities there.

Here are both releases:

mark strong sr. alexis wright kennebunk police