3 People Shot in L.A. Halloween Party Street Riot

Police in Los Angeles are trying to track down the gunman behind a shooting that took place during a Halloween party last night. The LAPD reports that three people were injured during the attack and that one boy is still in critical condition.

Shots went off at around 10 p.m. and three people were hit. A 14 year-old boy and a 25-year-old man suffered minor wounds. The worst injury came when a 17-year-old boy was struck in the chest and leg; he is listed as critical.

The shooting took place on Hollywood Boulevard, a popular destination for L.A. Halloween partiers. The street had been crowded with people in costumes for several hours before police arrived. At 9:30 the crowds started getting violent and by 10 police in riot gear arrived at the scene.

The theme of the night for the police was containment. NBC Los Angeles reported that police would break up and stabilize one area only to find that another area had started to become unruly. This trend happened for several hours before police contained the full scene.

The LAPD has yet to make arrests directly related to the shooting.

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