770 Pounds of Drugs Smuggled in Steamroller

Think you’ve heard it all when it comes to drug smuggling stories? The Associated Press reports that a stemroller in Sydney, fresh off the boat from China, was apparently used to smuggle nearly a half ton of drugs into the country.

In a drug bust totaling roughly $246 million Australian police busted open a stemroller recently shipped to the Sydney port that was packed with 770 of cocaine and methamphetamine. Two men, a Canadian and a U.S. citizen, were arrested following the bust and charged with smuggling (potentially landing them each with life in prison).

To add a bit more excitement to the matter of Australian drug busts this is the second major one in less than a week. Last Friday police also came across a boat carrying 440 pounds of cocaine that crashed into the island of Tonga on its way into Australia, with one dead man found on board.

Seems to be that Aussies are up for some party times towards the end of the year.

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