Accused Brooklyn Serial Killer Went Dancing after Final Murder

Salvatore Perrone, dancing, serial killer

A door-to-door salesman charged as the serial killer “John Doe Duffle Bag,” accused of murdering three shopkeepers, went out dancing after killing his last victim, according to a friend of the guy’s girlfriend.

“We dance every Friday night. On Friday, he came to the club at 9 p.m.,” the friend told the New York Post about Salvatore Perrone.

She said Perrone, 64, was clean and fresh-faced less than two hours after killing Flatbush clothing store owner Rahmatollah Vahidipour in his shop.

He was very elegant. We said, ‘You look nice.’ His face looked good. He didn’t have his bag — he left it inside the apartment. He killed someone at 7:30, and he went dancing at 9. How did he do that?

Perrone was arrested on Wednesday and charged with killing three Middle Eastern store owners in a killing spree that started last July, when Mohamed Gebeli was found dead in his Bay Ridge store. Isaac Kadare, was found shot to death in his 99-cent store a month later. All three were killed with the same weapon.Perrone was arrested and charged Wednesday with the killings of three Middle Eastern store owners.

Cops called him “John Doe Duffel Bag” because he was seen toting a duffel bag in security footage following Friday’s murder. The footage marked a break in the case, and investigators said he stood out.

He confessed, police said, thinking he was talking to a CIA agent, and while police don’t have a motive, they think the killings were race-based, and Perrone referred to a “master plan” during his interrogation. Police said he thought the plan would lead to world peace, and he’d get $800,000 from the CIA.

He also wanted to talk to an Italian CIA agent, and said he’s a patriot. Police found the murder weapon, a sawed off rifle with a flashlight taped to it. His neighbors said he was strange and nobody liked him. They said he lived in a ramshackle house, and he was mean and weird.

He’s been a strange apple for 20-plus years. He used to sit on my steps drinking, staring at his home in the middle of the night muttering to himself.

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