Beaten-Up Gabriel Aubry Seeks Protection from Olivier Martinez

Gabriel Aubry, Olivier Martinez, Halle Berry, crime, assault

Halle Berry’s beaten-up ex is fighting back through court papers filed this afternoon, with the model and father of her young child seeking a restraining order against Olivier Martinez.

Gabriel Aubry says Berry’s fiance started their Thanksgiving Day fight by threatening him before beating him up. He claimed that during the fight, Martinez told him “You cost us $3 million. When you see the judge you’re going to tell him you’re going to Paris or I’m going to kill you.”

Gabriel Aubry, Olivier Martinez, Halle Berry, crime, assault

Aubry and Berry have been having a tug of war in court over her request to move their daughter, Nahla, to France so she can live there with Martinez. A judge ruled against Berry after Aubry said he couldn’t afford to travel back and forth for visitation rights.

A judge granted Aubry the restraining order against Martinez, after viewing a series of gruesome photos of the black eye and cuts he got when Martinez beat him up.

Aubry, who is also under a restraining order, said in his court papers that he thought it was odd that Martinez was outside when he came to drop off his daughter at Berry’s house, since usually a nanny meets him.

Aubry claimed Martinez handed off the little girl to a woman, who took her inside before telling Aubry, “We need to talk.”

All of a sudden, Mr. Martinez jumped me on the side of my body, and punched me such that he had taken me down to the ground. He continued to punch me at least two or three times, kicked me in the ribs with his knee or foot, and took my head in his hands and slammed it to the concrete driveway. It all happened so fast and so suddenly; I did not see Mr. Martinez’s actions coming, and thus, I was not ready for it and was not able to defend myself.

Police officers arrived and handcuffed Aubry after Martinez claimed he attacked him several times. Aubry, though, told the officers the incident should be on Berry’s security cameras and they should get hold of them before they get erased.

Did Halle’s last movie have this much drama? We don’t think so! Stay tuned folks – this is gonna get ugly.