Betting House Has Jeff Bridges as 7/1 Favorite to Play David Petraeus

Jeff Bridges, David Petraeus, Paula Broadwell.

Irish and U.K betting house Paddy Power is offering gambler’s odds of 7/1 that The Big Lebowski star Jeff Bridges will portray the former head of the C.IA David Petraeus in a movie about his affair with Paula Broadwell.

Political roles are nothing new to Bridges who previously played the president in 2000’s The Contender, but Bridges’ has never played a part as controversial as Petraeus. Ed Harris and Tommy Lee Jones are joint second favorites at 8/1.

Other notable names in the list:

Sean Penn 9/1

George Clooney 14/1

Tom Hanks 16/1

Robert De Niro 20/1

Sylvester Stallone 20/1

Liam Neeson 40/1

Morgan Freeman 80/1.

On the other side of the story just who is going to play alleged homewrecker and biographer Paula Broadwell? The current front runner is Million Dollar Baby star Hilary Swank. She is being offered at odds of 5/1 for the role which already sounds like prime Oscar bait, something Swank loves.

The other names on the list for the role of Broadwell are:

Jennifer Connolly 10/1

Charlize Theron 12/1

Julianna Moore 12/1

Julia Roberts 20/1

Nicole Kidman 20/1

Halle Berry 20/1

Sofia Vergara 40/1.

Gamblers can only bet singly on who will play who (i.e you can’t bet on BOTH Jeff Bridges and Hilary Swank taking the leading roles and doubling you odds). The bet applies to “the first movie about the David Petraeus/Paula Broadwell affair scandal to be released in UK/US cinemas”.

The other odds being offered regarding a potential movies are the release dates. The favorites being 2016 or 17 are both 9/2. You can get odds of 20/1 that we see the film in 2013. If there is no movie made by 2017, all bets are void.