Black Friday Violence: Top 10 Crimes and Misdemeanors

Walmart Black Friday Madness

Every year our nation suffers the disastrous tragedy that is known as Black Friday. Today, as we emerge from the wreckage of our ravaged box stores and sale-induced madness, it’s important to take stock of the of horrible horrible things we’ve done in the name of getting stuff we don’t need at a slightly reduced price.

(For more Black Friday Violence: WATCH: 10 Shocking Videos of Black Friday Mob Violence)

We’ve already taken a look at five rumbles that took place, but what about the crimes and misdemeanors that weren’t caught on film? Here’s a rundown of some more of that zany Black Friday violence:

1. A Couple Was Hit By A SUV At A Washington Walmart

In the parking lot of a Walmart about 30 miles south of Seattle, a couple in their 40s was run down by a reportedly drunk 71-year-old driver. Both victims had to be rushed to the hospital, but seem to be okay, and the driver was arrested.

2. Two People Were Shot And Wounded At A Tallahassee Walmart

A man and woman were shot in broad daylight in front of a Walmart as a result of a dispute over a parking space. Fortunately, their injuries were not life threatening.

3. A Gun Was Pulled On A Man Who Tried To Cut In Line At A Texas Sears

A potential shopper waiting in line at a San Antonio Sears confronted another shopper when he allegedly cut in line. Shopper 1 confronted Shopper 2 about his perceived line cutting, which Shopper 2 responded to with mocking and a punch to the face of Shopper 1. Shopper 1 then pulled out a gun and everyone scattered.

Shopper 1 was not arrested because he had a permit to carry the gun

4. A Cashier Passed Out At A Kansas City Dick’s Sporting Goods

A young cashier at a Dick’s Sporting Goods in Kansas City, Missouri, was overwhelmed by all the madness and passed out at her register. She had to be carried out by medics.

5. A Fistfight Broke Out At A South Philadelphia Walmart

In the electronics section of a south Philadelphia Walmart two men came to blows over $200 TV sets. No one was injured, but some customers in the area were knocked down in the brawl.

6. Two Shoppers Were Arrested For Fighting At A Michigan JC Penny

At a mall in Kentwood, Michigan (near Grand Rapids), two shoppers got into a fistfight outside of a JC Penny. Police needed to use pepper spray to subdue the shoppers/fighters.

7. A Man Left A 2-Year-Old Boy Outside A Massachusetts Kmart

A 34-year-old man brought his girlfriend’s 2-year-old son with him to a Massachusetts Kmart, but left him outside while he shopped flat screen TVs. After exiting the store and being unable to find the child, the man panicked and called a friend to drive him home. Police found the boy sleeping in the man’s car in the Kmart’s parking lot.

8. Police Were Called Twice To An Illinois Mall

Police were called twice to the CheeryVale Mall in Rockville, Illinois. Both instances were due to fights breaking out that resulted in two men being arrested and two being hosptialized.

9. A 14-Year-Old Boy Was Robbed Outside A Maryland Bed, Bath, & Beyond

Outside a suburban Baltimore mall, a group of five men robbed a 14-year-old boy after he walked out of a Bed, Bath, & Beyond.

10. The Mall of America in Minneapolis Banned Teens From Shopping

This one technically isn’t a crime, but it’s a prime example of Black Friday Madness. The Mall of America banned teens from shopping all day on Friday unless they accompanied by a parent or an adult.

All this makes you wonder if people realize that all the best deals are on Amazon anyways.

(h/t Daily News)

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