Charge: Woman Screws Lottery Winner of Millions, Buries Him under Concrete

dorice moore concrete lottery abraham shakespeare

A woman who allegedly swindled a lottery winner of his millions, then killed him and buried him under a concrete slab is on trial this week in Florida.

Prosecutors say Dorice “Dee Dee” Moore, 40, killed $30 million winner Abraham Shakespeare, 43, in April 2009 after screwing him out of his fortune.

She allegedly lured the newly wealthy truck driver into a sham friendship by pretending to write a book about him and ended up with his mansion and his millions.

Cops say the body of Shakespeare, who hit the jackpot in 2006 and opted for a $17 million lump sum payout, was discovered in January 2010 under a concrete slab behind a house owned by Moore’s ex-boyfriend. He had been missing since April 2009. He had been shot twice.

abraham shakespeare dee dee moore lottery murder

According to WTSP, investigators say Moore continued her deceptive ways to fool Shakespeare’s family after he was dead:

Moore “wrote a letter to the victim’s mother claiming to be the victim and to be all right,” [Hillsborough Sheriff David] Gee said. Moore also “used the victim’s cell phone and sent text messages to the victim’s friends and family.”

Moore claims she took over Shakespeare’s fortune to protect him from the curse of the winnings.

But detectives used an informant named Greg Smith, who gained her trust until she allegedly asked him to help cover up the crime, Sheriff Gee tells WTSP:

“Moore approached [Smith], inquiring if he knew anyone that was awaiting sentencing to prison and would be willing to admit to the killing of Abraham Shakespeare in exchange for $50,000,” Gee said. To get that $50,000 from Moore, Smith and the hired prisoner also “would have to dig up the body and move it to another location,” Gee said.

The prosecution also has the benefit of surveillance footage from a local Walmart. In it, Moore buys duct tape, trash bags and plastic sheeting.

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