Chris Brown Dresses as Arab Terrorist for Halloween [PHOTO]

WARNING: The article includes lots of F-bombs.

chris brown halloween costume arab terrorist
Need more evidence that Chris Brown is a f*cking moron? Look no further than his Halloween costume, as shared with his 11.5 million Twitter followers.

“Ain’t nobody Fucking wit my clique!!!” Breezy tweeted with a link to the above Instagrammed photo (from the Instagram account fuckyopictures).

So you can add “racist” to Brown’s list of character flaws, which also includes “woman beater” and “effing dumbass.”

Reaction on Instagram was mixed.

From dasugahoneyicet:

Ur a fukin joke kill yo self..pure disgrace… U might as well have dressed up as the dude who killed all those ppl at the movie theatre@fuckyopictures

From jami1982:

Lighten the fuck up ppl!!! It’s a damn costume for chrissakes….nobody complains when terrorists r depicted in comedy skits or TV shows. Y’all just obsessed with finding reasons to hate on Breezy…go the Fuck on somewhere…damn

Later that night Chris hit a giant party hosted by Rihanna at the Greystone Manor. A photog caught this shot (Chris had removed his bushy beard by then):

chris brown halloween costume rihanna party greystone manor

What do you think of Chris and his costume? Let us know in the comment section below.

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