Election Day Photo Gallery: The Funniest Pics Shared on Social Media

While you’re waiting in line at the polls today, enjoy the dank tepid gymnasium air you’ll be ingesting along with 200 other weirdos. Below are a few scenes from around the country, where these poor sobs are enjoying the process almost as much as you do.

Both signs eventually lead you to the furnace in the back.

All 10 voters from Dixville Notch, New Hampshire, gather at midnight to cast their votes. At 12:01 the orgy starts.

Arfy, recently laid off from his job at the factory, takes his angst to the polls.

Really? This was such a problem that it had to be permanently affixed to the window?

That kid in the red hat…not amused.

Before this was posted, people had just been slamming their heads against the tables, hoping to somehow make a selection.

I have a feeling this moment was infinitely more excruciating in person.

Hahahahaha! Oh it’s funny because for once it’s not me.

Looks like some classy merchandise available here.

It’s illegal to photograph your ballot in many states, but oh so cool to post them on instagram.

The vote that everyone was really concerned about.