Mom Stabs Son 100 Times to Spite Dad; Also Kills 5-Year-Old Witness

elzbieta plackowska stabs son 100 times babysitter naperville illinois

To make her husband “hurt the way she hurt in the relationship,” Elzbieta Plackowska stabbed her 7-year-old son 100 times, then inflicted 50 stab wounds to the witness, a 5-year-old girl whom she was babysitting at the girl’s home.

She slashed both children’s throats for good measure.

This according to prosecutors in the double-murder case, which unfolded Tuesday night in Naperville, Illinois, and landed in court this morning.

elzbieta naperville murders mom stabs son illinois

Scene of the crime: 800 Block of Quin Court in Naperville, Illinois.

Apparently a religious woman, Plackowska — covered in blood — went to church immediately after the slashings. She heard voices from the devil, local State’s Attorney Robert Berlin told the court:

She told Justin and Olivia to get on their knees and pray. She told Justin he was going to heaven tonight. … She stated the children had evil inside of them and she was trying to drive the devil out of them.

So which is it, lady? You were pissed at your hubby or you were possessed by the devil?

She also said the kids “didn’t mind her like they should,” according to the Chicago Tribune.

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A cop source told the Tribune that a phone fight with the husband preceded the horror:

At some point Tuesday night, Plackowska argued on the phone with her husband because she wanted to return to her native Poland while he wanted to remain here, the source said. Plackowska came to the United States 12 years ago on a vacation visa, officials said. Prosecutors say her husband is a trucker who was gone from home much of the week. Plackowska told police she did not feel appreciated, and that she resented having to clean houses to pay the bills.

After the murders she fled to the church, couldn’t find anyone there and left a bunch of messages on the church’s answering machine, prosecutors say.

The girl’s mom came home, couldn’t get into the house and called the cops. They broke in and found the girl on the floor and the son on a mattress.

Naperville Police Chief Robert Marshall described the scene as “the most horrific and gruesome” he has ever seen.

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