Exit Polls: It’s The Economy Stupid, Say 60% of Voters

early exit polls election 2012

Early exit polls released by CBS show that 60 percent of voters think the economy is the most pressing issue in this election.

That’sfollowed by:

Health care: 17 percent
The deficit: 15 percent
Foreign policy: 4 percent

Seventy-five percent of those polls said the economy is “bad.”

According to CNN, exit polls showed that while 52 percent said Obama is “more in touch with people like you,” Romney was deemed as the one better able to handle the economy: 51 to 47 percent.

Further breaking down sentiment on that issue, CBS said voters polled ranked the issues accordingly:

Biggest problem:
Unemployment: 40 percent
Rising prices: 37 percent
Taxes: 13 percent
Housing market: 8 percent

The economy’s direction:
Getting better: 39 percent
Getting worse: 31 percent
Staying the same: 28 percent

Obama’s policies favor:
Rich: 10 percent
Middle class: 43 percent
Poor: 31 percent

Romney’s policies favor:
Rich: 52 percent
Middle class: 36 percent
Poor: 2 percent

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