‘Fat Blocking’ Pepsi Hits Stores in Japan

Wishing diet sodas did a bit more than just stop your sugar intake? A new soda hits the markets today in Japan known as ‘Pepsi Special’ and it claims to do just that – help you actually LOSE weight by blocking your absorption of fat.

Fat Blocking Pepsi Special: New Soda That Claims to Stop Fat Hits Stores in JapanPepsi releases a soda innovation that claims it can get rid of fat. For more on this story, click here: abcnews.go.com/blogs/health/2012/11/12/pepsi-introduces-fat-blocking-soda/2012-11-13T18:04:18.000Z

Today reports that Pepsi Special claims to assist in actual fat reduction in people by using a fiber-based starch additive known as dextrin that could potentially help allow your body to remove excess dietary fat from your body. In short, it would make it the perfect diet soda…if it works.

So does it?

The basic fact of the matter is that dextrin is a fiber. Check. And fiber helps you lose weight. Check. But will dextrin, in whatever limited quantities it has in Pepsi Special, actually help people lose weight over time?

According to Japanese advertising laws since dextrin is present and since fiber has proven to help people lose weight the product is marketable in the country. Whether or not it would ever pass FDA standards for use in the U.S. based on this “flimsy at best” connection, though, is another story.

The other question is will this new Pepsi Special have any potentially negative side effects on the human body like diet sodas have proven to have in some people?

Only time will tell, but for now the Japanese markets are open to be taken by storm by new “fat loss soda” put out by Pepsico. Who knows, maybe Coke will come out with a “super fat loss” soda next to compete.

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