Gawker Says Philandering Hulk Hogan Already Ruined His Reputation

Hulk Hogan, Gawker, sex tape

Gawker, which is facing a $100 million lawsuit from that hunka hunka burning love Hulk Hogan, says he doesn’t have any right to sue the site for ruining his reputation because he’s already admitted in his 2009 autobiography he cheated on ex-wife Linda.

The website is begging the courts to throw out the lawsuit, TMZ is reporting, because it says it had the journalistic right to print the two minute clip, which it believed to be newsworthy because Hulk is a huge celebrity. And since Hulk already outed himself as an adulterer, the video couldn’t cause any more harm to his reputation, Gawker says.

Gawker also says it shouldn’t have to reveal the source who leaked them the film, saying there are laws to protect news sources, and it shouldn’t be in trouble for invading the Hulkster’s privacy because it didn’t record the tape.

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