Get Ready to Complain About Facebook’s Timeline Again

Facebook, timeline changes
Just when you think you’ve gotten used to Facebook’s new crappy looking Timeline, guess what? There’s about to be yet another makeover.

It seems the social network is testing a new design for profile pages, Mashable reports, which is placing all posts in a single column on the left and activity updates, apps, and other sections on the right.

The current format, which spurred millions of pleas for Facebook to get rid of Timeline, includes posts on both sides, so you have to look back and forth to find statuses. It’s too confusing for a lot of users.

So the new look no longer has the vertical line, but it’s supposed to be easier to follow. Also, the modules on the right side will be smaller than the posts, to make them easier to pick out and separate from regular posts.

The removal of the line that divides a profile in half, ironically, makes it look less like a timeline, according to Inside Facebook, which revealed the updated design. Clickable dates that help users navigate through profiles, however, are still listed on the top right.

For now, Facebook is only testing the changes on a few users, but will likely spread them to all users sometime next year.

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