Gun Store Owner Shoots Customer in Back

Thinking of going out and buying a gun? You may want to think again after hear this story.

According to Fox News a gun store owner in Silver City, New Mexico accidentally shot a 65-year-old customer in the back while unloading a .45 handgun in the store.

Police immediately closed off the street outside the gun shop after the incident to allow a medical evac by helicopter to take place to El Paso, Texas where the customer is now known to be in stable condition.

While no charges are yet to be filed in the case the question still does beg to be asked: how could a guy who could accidentally set off a handgun while unloading it get a job in a gun store in the first place?

If you’re in the market for a new piece of hardware this may be a good lesson to everyone out there to be careful for whatever idiots may be behind the counter these days.

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