Strippers, Gators and Drugs: Strange Shooting in Washington

Police in Washington state had a bit of a shock on Tuesday when they responded to a call about a shooting and found not only the shooter (he called 911, after all) but marijuana plants, alligators and a strip pole in the man’s house according to NBC News.

According to local newspapers the incident occurred like this:

The shooter, Darren C. Shore (41) who lives at the home suffers from chronic back pain, and as such he uses both marijuana and pain killers to treat his condition. One day another man, Ryan Lemcke (30), offered to help him move his hot tub (something Shore couldn’t do alone due to his back) in exchange for some Vicodin pills.

Shore didn’t feel comfortable giving away drugs to someone, so he contacted Lemche’s stepmom about his drug request. Enraged, Lemcke sent Shore a threatening text message and started driving to his home to confront him.

Fearing for his life, Shore armed himself with his handgun and shot Lemcke as he drove in, once in the bicep and with one bullet grazing his shoulders (both men agree that Shore just walked up to the car and didn’t wait for Lemcke to get out). Shore then called the police to report the incident.

When police arrived and found the house as it was they were, to say the least, a bit shocked. Shore explained that the alligators were just pets (he even helped get them into the bathroom before being arrested) and that the dancing pole was for his girlfriend who’s a professional adult entertainer.

Once Lemcke was found he claimed he was going to Shore’s house to apologize for the threatening text message. Whether or not police believe this is another story.

Shore is currently being held on $200,000 bond and most likely looking at first degree aggravated assault.

The good news? No alligators were hurt in this fiasco.